1st Spring Calf - Blessing Garbro T Page

3rd Winter Calf - Blessing Biver Milly

1st Fall Heifer Calf - Blessing Mort Garbro Ograce ETV

1st Summer Yearling - Blessing Formula Vicky

2nd Spring Yearling - Blessing Blessing Mort Jazz Victoria

4th Winter Yearling Heifer - Blessing Tallant Mika

1st Junior Best 3 Females

1st Junior Two Year Old and Reserve Intermediate Champion Blessing Formula Flourish

2nd Senior Two Year Old - Blessing Garbro A Rachel ET

2nd Junior 3 Year Old - Blessing Bosephus Jamie

2nd Senior 3 Year Old - Blessing Gib Neva

1st Five Year Old and Grand Champion
Riedland Lebron Floral

1st Aged Cow - Twinkle-Hill Carter Alexia

2nd Senior Best Three Females

1st Produce of Dam

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor