Blessing Formula Flourish
2nd Indiana State Fair
3rd, International Show
Sire: Brown Heaven WnningFormula ET
Dam: Blessing Pepper Flair "G+83" @ 2/09
2-2  309d  22,959m  4.0%  915f  3.2%  738p (RIP)


Blessing Formula Flower
1st, Indiana State Fair
6th, International Show
Sire: Brown Heaven Winningformula ET
Dam: Blessing Bonanza Foris "VG87"
2-5  365d  25,900 m  4.3%  1124f  3.5%  907p
Hon. Mention All American, 2013

  Blessing August Fallon
1st, Indiana State Fair
4th International Show
Hon. Mention All American Winter Calf, 2015
Sire: Oak View Zeus August
Dam: Blessing Java Fanny "VG88/E90MS"
3-5  365d  22,150m  3.9%  9854f  3.6%  794p

  Blessing Gib Neva "VG86" @ 2/00
1/09  208d  13,867m  5.3%  736f  3.6%  479p  (RIP)
3rd, International Show
Sire: Blessing Mort Garbro Gib ET
Dam: Blessing Aaron Nann "2E90"
2-7  365d  28,130m  4.6%  1330f  3.2% 939p
Next Dam: "2E91" with 27,360m 1144f 896p
  Top Acres S Wishes ET "2E92"
5-3  251d  25,815m  3.8%  980f  3.4%  876p  (RIP)
2nd, Indiana State Fair
5th, International Show
Reserve All American Yearling in Milk, 2013
Sire: Old Mill SDE Supreme ET
Dam: Round Hill Pre Wishful ET "2E91"
4-3  365d  25,840m  4.7%  1214f  3.3%  854p
All American, 2003
From the "World of Whizzbang" - next 3 dams multiple "E"


  Bred by us - success for others . . .  
pennby   taylor
Blessing Mort Osborn Penny
1st and Jr. Champion, Kentucky State Fair
6th, International Show
Owned by Madelyn Topp & Ally Jones
Botkins, OH

Dam: Iroquois Acres B Pretti ET "2E90"
5-9 365d 37,960m 4.8% 1811f 3.2% 1232p
Sire: Voelkers Wndt Chilli Pepper

  Blessing Osborn T Taylor
1st and Jr. Champion, Indiana State Fair
6th, International Show
Owned by Caylee Nicole James
LaGrange, IN

Dam: Cher-Mi Wdrmt Tori "E90"
3-3 365d 29,310m 4.5% 1314f ` 3.7% 1074p
Sire: Cutting Edge Thunder


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